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Hiring a Roofer

  • Content last reviewed: February 2018

Replacing your roof? 5 tips so you don't get scammed!

  1. Get written quotes for the work to be done on your roof and make sure that they contain everything you ask for.
  2. Fully understand what work you are signing for, what work is included and what work isn’t. If you don’t understand, ask questions until you do.
  3. Make sure you get all necessary information about the roofing contractor, such as the invoice, estimate or contract giving the full name of the sales person and the name, address and phone number of the roofing contractor.
  4. Ask your contractor if the workers have been trained to work safely and have taken the Working at Heights training or other fall protection training.
  5. Avoid any contractors who try to offer you a tax-free deal to replace your roof. This can be a sign that a business is not only avoiding tax responsibility, but other important consumer and worker protection responsibilities as well. Also, a tax-free deal without a receipt provides no legal recourse over the goods and services purchased, and can result in you having to pay twice if the job is left unfinished or done poorly.

What you need to know

Buying a new roof? Consider this...
Review our homeowners tip sheet for advice on hiring a roofing contractor.

Conduct a background check
The Consumer Beware List is a searchable public record where you can check the track record of a company before you consider doing business with it. Search potential roofing contractors now.

Protect yourself with a contract
Learn how to develop a contract and determine pricing. Having a written contract gives you control over your renovation or construction project, and is a good way to protect yourself and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Know your rights
You have consumer rights that are protected by law. Did you know that home renovation problems – including roofing – are among the top consumer complaints in Ontario? Consumer Protection Ontario helps you identify scams and theft, know your consumer rights and take action when appropriate.

Know your rights: hiring a roofer

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Questions about the safety of workers on your roof?

If you have questions about workplace health and safety or want to report unsafe work call

Always call 911 in an emergency.

What your roofer needs to know

Working at heights
Workers on a construction project who have to use fall protection equipment – including residential roofers – have to be trained. It’s the law.

Construction safety
Safety resources for construction workers.

WSIB coverage for construction
It is mandatory for most workers in the construction industry to have coverage with the WSIB.

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
Information on construction health and safety education and training.

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