Joint Health and Safety Committees

  • Content last reviewed: January 2019

Joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) and multi-workplace joint health and safety committees (MJHSCs) represent workers and employers at Ontario workplaces. An MJHSC is a single JHSC, established and maintained for more than one workplace, each of which would normally require its own JHSC.

Some members of a JHSC must receive training called 'certification' to perform their duties effectively.

Upcoming Enhancements to JHSC Training

January 31, 2019

The Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) Certification Training Standard is being amended to reduce the burden on business while maintaining standardized high quality training accessible to all workers across Ontario.

These amendments will simplify requirements for certification, improve access to training, and save employers and workers time and money.

The improvements include:

  • allowing Part One JHSC training to be fully delivered via eLearning, in addition to the options of classroom, distance learning and blended learning
  • adjusting the minimum duration for eLearning to utilize technology and reflect self-paced learning
  • extending the time to complete the second part of training to within a year of completing the first part, providing more time for employers to schedule training
  • simplifying rules to create straightforward timelines for training and eliminate need to submit forms

Further information, including when these changes will become effective, will be available soon.

Multi-workplace JHSCs

The Ministry of Labour has launched a review of Minister’s Orders that permit multi-workplace joint health and safety committees.


Guide for JHSCs and Health and Safety Representatives:

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