Joint Health and Safety Committees

  • Content last reviewed: July 2016

Joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) and multi-workplace joint health and safety committees (MJHSCs) represent workers and employers at Ontario workplaces. An MJHSC is a single JHSC, established and maintained for more than one workplace, each of which would normally require its own JHSC.

Some members of a JHSC must receive training called 'certification' to perform their duties effectively.

Important Dates

As of March 1, 2016, JHSC members who have completed only Part 1 training under the 1996 Standard will have to complete Part 2 training under the new Standards in order to be certified, and will be required to take Refresher training to maintain their certification.

Any members who have not submitted records for training completed under the 1996 standards must now complete training under the new standards in order to be fully certified.

JHSC members who have completed training before March 1st 2016 and submitted Part 2 confirmation forms by April 30th 2016 may contact the Ministry of Labour if they have not yet received their certified member cards.

Multi-workplace JHSCs

The Ministry of Labour has launched a review of Minister’s Orders that permit multi-workplace joint health and safety committees.


Guide for JHSCs and Health and Safety Representatives:

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