Labour Relations

The Ministry of Labour promotes a stable and constructive labour relations climate and fosters productive workplace relationships in Ontario. The Ministry’s labour relations activities focus on settling workplace disputes under various employment-related statutes, assisting in the settlement of collective agreements and producing collective bargaining information.


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Labour Relations Conference

Explore the nature of trust and its impact on labour-management relationships at a Toronto conference on March 30. At this day-long conference, learn how to enhance your understanding and mastery of labour relations best practices from expert Ministry of Labour mediators.

Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions We offer a broad range of workshops, programming and resources designed to help improve your labour relations practices.

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Dispute Resolution Services provides neutral third party assistance to trade unions and employers through collective agreement conciliation and mediation, the appointment of arbitrators, and the provision of timely and neutral collective bargaining information. These services are provided by:

Quick Facts

Number of current collective agreements in Ontario: 13,300 (as of August 2015)

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  • Hours of work and overtime, pregnancy and parental leave, termination of employment and severance pay, wages and vacation or other work-related matters are covered by the Employment Standards Act, 2000.
    Visit Employment Standards for more information.
  • Certification, forming a union, decertification, terminating a union are the responsibility of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
    Visit the Ontario Labour Relations Board for more information.
  • Record of employment, pensions, employment insurance are federal government services.
    Visit Service Canada for more information.