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Blitz Targets Infection Control

McGuinty Government Committed to Improving Worker Health and Safety

  • Issued: October 27, 2011
  • Content last reviewed: October 2011
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Ontario will focus on preventing the spread of infection at health care workplaces during a province-wide enforcement blitz.

In November, Ministry of Labour inspectors will check for hazards affecting infection prevention and control. They will visit hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement homes and community health centers.

They will check that:

  • Employers are taking precautions to protect workers
  • Safe work practices are in place
  • Personal protective equipment is being properly used and maintained, and
  • Workers are aware of infection hazards and trained to handle infectious agents.

Protecting workers is part of the government's ongoing commitment to prevent workplace injuries through its Safe At Work Ontario strategy.


“Health care workers are potentially at risk of exposure to infections in the workplace. The McGuinty Government is committed to eliminating workplace illness. Workers have a right to return home each day, safe and sound.”
— Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Labour


  • More than 500,000 people work at more than 6,000 workplaces in Ontario’s health care sector.
  • In 2010, more than 1,150 health care workers filed infectious disease claims that were approved by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.
  • Since 2008, ministry inspectors conducted more than 266,000 field visits, 36 inspection blitzes and issued more than 426,000 compliance orders.


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Ministry Focusing on Infection Control Hazards

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