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Employment Standards: Ministry Successes

  • Issued: July 29, 2011
  • Content last reviewed: July 2011
  • See also: Backgrounder


As the Ontario Ministry of Labour continues to successfully eliminate a backlog of employment standards claims, it is increasingly shifting resources to enhancing compliance.

Since the ministry established a task force to eliminate a backlog of employment standards claims in 2010 and made program changes in January 2011:

  • The wait time for early resolution – when claims are assigned to an officer – has dropped from 7.1 months to about three days.
  • The backlog has been reduced by more than two-thirds, and is slated to be eliminated by March 2012.

As a result, the ministry is able to increase the number of Employment Standards Officers on its Dedicated Enforcement Team. This means that the Employment Standards program now has more officers doing inspections than ever before.

Our ministry continues to help businesses comply with legislation, thus saving them time and money, by heading off employment standards issues before they occur. That includes eliminating the backlog, working with businesses to help them understand employment standards law, through education and enforcement, and providing useful tools and resources. With the scheduled elimination of the backlog, the ministry will partner and consult with employer and employee groups as it shifts resources to inspections.

"Through our enhanced compliance strategy, we will continue reaching out to employers through a mix of education, outreach and enforcement to help ensure we stem any problems before they arise and enforce the legislation," said Stephen Grier, Acting Director of the Employment Standards Program.


Learn more about the ministry's compliance strategy.

Watch a video on what officers look for during an employment standards inspection.

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