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New Council to Advise on Workplace Health and Safety

McGuinty Government Committed to Preventing Workplace Injury and Illness


Ontario’s new Prevention Council will help protect workers and improve workplace health and safety across the province.

The council will provide support for the Chief Prevention Officer and advise the Minister of Labour on:

  • Prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Development of a provincial occupational health and safety strategy.
  • Proposed changes to funding and delivery of services for the prevention of workplace injuries and occupational diseases.

The newly formed council includes four labour representatives, a non-union labour representative, four employer representatives, an occupational health and safety expert and a representative from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Nine members of the Prevention Council are being announced at this time; one employer representative and a representative from the WSIB are currently being finalized and will be announced in the near future.

Protecting workers on the job is part of the McGuinty government's continued commitment to preventing workplace injuries, while creating jobs.


“This accomplished, dynamic group – selected from labour, employer and academic backgrounds — will work with the Chief Prevention Officer to help improve workplace health and safety throughout Ontario. Our ultimate and shared goal is to eliminate work-related injury and illness.”
– Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Labour

“I am looking forward to working closely with these prevention leaders to develop and implement a provincewide occupational health and safety strategy that will lead ultimately to safer workplaces for all workers in Ontario.”
– George Gritziotis, Chief Prevention Officer


  • The Prevention Council will report to the Minister of Labour through Chief Prevention Officer.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires the members of the Prevention Council to choose a chair by a date to be fixed by the minister.
  • Since the launch of Safe At Work Ontario in June 2008, the province's team of more than 400 health and safety inspectors conducted more than 160,000 proactive and 66,000 reactive field visits, issued more than 360,000 compliance orders and conducted 25 proactive inspection blitzes.


Read more about Prevention Council members.

Find out more about how Ontario’s first Chief Prevention Officer is helping improve worker health and safety.

Bill Killorn, Minister’s Office, 416-326-7708
Matt Blajer, Communications Branch, 416-326-7405
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