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Grievance Mediation

  • Content last reviewed: December 2018

Grievance mediation provides an informal process to resolve workplace disputes over allegations a term or condition of employment in the collective agreement has been violated. The process is confidential, not subject to the rules of evidence, and does not jeopardize or prejudice either party’s ability to institute or continue arbitration proceedings. It has been described as “the more humane approach” to decision-making and one that preserves or enhances relationships between disputing parties.

The Ministry of Labour’s Dispute Resolution Services offers grievance mediation on a fee-for-service basis. Parties must submit a joint, written request for grievance mediation to:

Rhonda Kurahashi
Registrar, Dispute Resolution Services
400 University Ave., 8th Floor
Toronto M7A 1T7

For more information about how to apply for grievance mediation, please read our Apply for Grievance Mediation brochure.