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Grievance Mediation

  • Content last reviewed: February 2012

Dispute Resolution Services offers grievance mediation on a fee-for-service basis. Parties must submit a joint, written request for grievance mediation to Rhonda Kurahashi, Registrar, Dispute Resolution Services, 400 University Avenue, 8th Floor, Toronto, M7A 1T7.

With the written request, parties are asked to include copies of the associated grievances and a copy of their collective agreement. The request should also include contact information for each party’s representative, including their address, phone number and email address.

The fee is $1,500 plus HST of 13 per cent for a standard business day. Should the day extend beyond the duration of a standard day, the charge is $200 per hour, or the parties may elect to schedule an additional day. There is no charge for the mediator’s hotel, travel and meal expenses. Parties who wish to schedule a half-day may do so for the fee of $750 plus HST where the one-way driving time to the meeting is two hours or less.

Ordinarily, the mediation meeting will be held at the employer’s premises. Should the parties choose to meet at an off-site location for which a meeting room charge applies, any such charge is the responsibility of the parties. The charge for grievance mediation services may be invoiced or charged to a credit card. If invoiced, we will need the billing address information.

If the parties address the grievances scheduled for the session and there is time remaining in the day, the parties have the opportunity to bring forward other unscheduled grievances for mediation during the time remaining. The sharing, if any, of the charges for the mediation session is for the parties to determine.

If you have further questions about grievance mediation, you may reach Ms. Kurahashi at 416-326-1301.

Fee Schedule

Standard 8-hour business day$1,500, plus HST
Half-day (maximum round trip driving distance 4 hours)$750, plus HST
Each hour beyond the scheduled 8-hour business day, or beyond the scheduled half-day (* parties may choose to schedule an additional day) $200, plus HST