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Legal Services Branch: An Award-Winning Team!

  • Revised: February 2010
  • Content last reviewed: October 2009

Amyn Hadibhai and John Hill, solicitors with MOL's Legal Service Branch (LSB), were part of the Temporary Help Agency Act Implementation Team that won the GEM ("Going the Extra Mile") Award in 2010 from the Ministry of Labour in the category of Partnership. The team created a unique and far-reaching piece of legislation with significant impact within a tight six-month time frame.

David Halporn, John Hill and Trevor Rands, solicitors with LSB, were part of the Fairness for Military Families Act Team that won a prestigious Ministry of the Attorney General Excelsior Award for 2008 in the category of “Outstanding Achievement” for helping to provide access to health insurance for military families who move to Ontario, and job-protected leave for members of the reserve force of the Canadian Forces.

Jane Mallen (Deputy Director – Solicitors) and Neville Austin, a solicitor with LSB, won a MAG Excelsior Award, in the “Outstanding Achievement” category, for their contributions to the MAG Pride Week Committee 2008 team, which organized a week of events in keeping with the OPS commitment to promote diversity, inclusiveness, awareness, and a respectful work environment.

An Excelsior Award was also given for 2008 to Line Forestier, a litigation lawyer with LSB, in the “Excellence in Teamwork” category for Line’s important role on the Propane Safety: Response to the Explosion Team.  Counsel from many ministries, including MOL, were quickly assembled and demonstrated their hallmark professionalism and dedication by providing sound legal advice to response to the immediate crisis caused by a major explosion at a propane facility.

Jane Mallen was the lead counsel on the Legislative Drafting Team that won a GEM Award in 2007 from the Ministry of Labour in the category of “Partnership”.  This award-winning team also included Sherry Cohen and Iram Khan, solicitors with LSB, and Deanna Exner, a litigation lawyer with LSB at that time. The award was given for a highly effective, multi-Ministry partnership and was a testament to the dedication and collaborative approach that resulted in the passage of the Regulatory Modernization Act, 2007.

The above Legislative Drafting Team and David Halporn (who was with Legislative Counsel at the time) were also the proud recipients of an Excelsior Award in 2007 in the category of “Teamwork” for their high-quality work.

Trevor Rands was part of the Ontario-Quebec 2006 Construction Labour Mobility Agreement Team, which also won a GEM Award in 2007 in the “Partnership” category. The team resolved sensitive issues and collaborated on innovative solutions leading to the resolution of a difficult inter-provincial problem.

Line Forestier and Grainne McGrath, another litigation lawyer with LSB, were part of the Investigative Skills Training Program Development Team, which was given an Excelsior Award in 2006 in the category of "Quality Customer Service" for developing, coordinating and delivering an innovative training program for MOL’s health and safety inspectors.