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Ontario Workers in Activities of Trades

  • Issued: August 2006
  • ISBN: 1-4249-1943-6

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This fact sheet is provided for your information and convenience only. It is not a legal document. For further information contact the Jobs Protection Office of the Ministry of Labour.

Ontario construction workers who have experience in a voluntary trade but who do not hold a certificate, may work anywhere in Quebec for their Ontario employer. Before they do so, they must have their experience and qualifications evaluated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU); obtain a Trade Activity Card from the Jobs Protection Office (JPO) of the Ministry of Labour (MOL); and, go to the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) to select a trade union and obtain a card identifying that union.

For more information please call the JPO hotline at 1-888-998-9959.

Access to Construction Jobs in Quebec: Trade Activity Cards

This fact sheet is for Ontario workers who:

  • are not certified in a voluntary trade (voluntary trades in Ontario are listed in Attachment 1);
  • have work experience and are skilled in one or more activities of a construction trade (see Attachment 2 for a list of applicable activities of construction trades); and
  • want to work in Quebec for an Ontario contractor.

Ontario workers who meet the above criteria must do the following before they can work in Quebec for an Ontario contractor:

1. Apply to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) for an assessment of their skills to work in a particular trade activity.

The application for assessment must include proof of the worker's skills or experience, such as:

  • Completion of the appropriate section of a checklist "Attestation of Competencies"; or
  • Completion of required competencies in the Training Standards book; or
  • Completion of the number of hours required for the trade activity, if appropriate, as set out in the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act or the Apprenticeship and Certification Act; or
  • Other forms of evidence that may be required by MTCU.

MTCU will then issue a letter of confirmation to workers who meet the requirements to work in a particular trade activity.

2. Present the letter of confirmation to the Jobs Protection Office. Fill out a registration form and provide the following documentation:

  • Identification;
  • Recent pay stub, T4 slip or Notice of Assessment;
  • Proof of completion of a health and safety course.

The JPO will then issue a Trade Activity Card.

3. Present the Trade Activity Card to the CCQ and select one of the trade unions representing workers in Quebec's construction industry.

The CCQ will issue a card identifying the union chosen by the worker.

Ontario workers must carry both the Trade Activity Card and the CCQ card with them at all times when working in Quebec.

For the purpose of working in Quebec, an Ontario worker with a Trade Activity Card is recognized as a journeyperson.

Further Information

For general assistance or information, contact:

Jobs Protection Office
347 Preston Street, 4th Floor, Suite 430
Ottawa Ontario K1S 3J4

Toll-free: 1-888-998-9959
Fax: 613-727-2900

Attachment 1

Voluntary Trades in Ontario

Certification or registration as an apprentice is not required in order to work in Ontario in any of the trades listed below.

  Ontario Title Interprovincial (IP) Red Seal Title
1 Brick and stone mason / Briqueteur-Maçon Bricklayer / Briqueteur – Maçon
Ont: IP only
2 Insulator – (heat and frost) / Poseur de matériaux isolants Not Applicable (N/A)
3 Terrazzo, tile and marble craft / Métier de carrelage N/A
4 General carpenter / Charpentier-menuisier Général Carpenter / Charpentier
Ont: IP only
5 Construction Boilermaker / Chaudronnier de construction Boilermaker / Chaudronnier
Ont: IP only
6 Cement mason (includes cement finisher) / Cimentier (y compris le finisseur de béton) N/A
7 Roofer / Couvreur Roofer / Couvreur
Ont: IP only
8 Reinforcing rodworker / Monteur de barres d'armature N/A
9 Construction Millwright / Mécanicien – monteur de Construction Industrial mechanic (millwright) / Mécanicien industriel (de chantier)
10 Heavy duty equipment mechanic / Mécanicien d'équipement lourd Heavy duty equipment technician / technician d'équipement lourd
Ont: IP only
11 Sprinkler and fire protection installer / Installateur de systèmes de protection contre les Incendies Sprinkler system installer /
Poseur de gicleurs
Ont: IP only
12 Ironworker / Ferronier N/A
Ont: IP only as ironworker
13 Painter decorator (commercial and residential) / Peintre--décorateur – secteur commercial et résidentiel Painter and decorator /
Peintre et décorateur
Ont: IP only
14 Drywall finisher and plasterer / Finisseur de murs secs & plâtrier N/A
15 Floor covering installer / Installateur de revêtements de sol Floor covering installer / Poseur de revêtements souples
Ont: IP only
16 Lather (Drywall, acoustic and lathing applicator) / Poseur de lattes N/A
Ont: IP only
17 Ironworker / Ferronier
(Note: Ontario trade is not divided into 2 branches)
18 Glazier and Metal Mechanic / Vitrier et mécanicien des métaux  Glazier / Vitrier (Ontario only)
Ont: IP only
19 Excavator operator-Branch 2 of Heavy equipment operator / Opérateur d'excavatrice-Division 2 d'opérateur d'équipement lourd N/A

Attachment 2

Activities of Trades

In addition to recognizing activities of trades listed in "ANNEXE C" of Règlement sur la formation professionelle de la main-d'œuvre dans l'industrie de la construction [R-20, r. 6.2], Quebec will recognize an Ontario Trade Activity Card for the following activities of trades:

1.  Trades with activities that are part of the carpentry trade as well as being stand-alone trades.

Drywall, Acoustic and Lathing Applicator: (Part of Carpentry--interior finishing)

Installation of drywall
Installation of lath
Installation of thermal and sound insulation

Floor Covering Installer: (Part of carpentry--parquet flooring)

Installation and repair of carpet & pads
Installation and repair of wood floors

General Carpenter:

Building stairs

Glazier: (Part of carpentry for most activities excluding curtain walls)

Installation of curtain wall systems 

Roofer: (Part of carpentry: framing--installation of trusses, dormers, roof coverings)

Retrofit, repair and resurface
Installation of single-ply roofing

Taper and Plasterer: (Part of carpentry: interior finishing)

Installation of cornices (hand-made or pre-fab) and ornamental plaster moulds

2. Trades with some activities in Schedule "C" of R-20

Painter and Decorator:

Brush and roll painting
Spray painting surfaces
Hanging wall coverings

3. Trades with no activities in Schedule "C" of R-20

Brick and Stone Mason:

Laying of concrete blocks
Building/repairing chimneys
Building/repairing fireplaces
Installation of prefabricated masonry panels

Cement Mason:

Concrete finishing
Waterproofing & restoration prep work

Cement Finisher or Bricklayer:


Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Craft:

Installation of tiles
Installation of terrazzo
Installation of marble and granite indoor

Heavy Equipment Operator:

Tractor Loader Backhoe Operator
Dozer Operator

Note:  Activities of trades listed above may be part of a different trade in Quebec.

4. Schedule "C" of R-20, Activities of Trades


Installation of doors and windows
Parquet flooring
Installation of prefabricated coverings
Installation of cupboards and other workshop prepared or manufactured items
Installation of gypsum board
Installation of piles


Installation of gutters
Installation of prefabricated coverings


Pointing and filling joints  (gypsum board)


Pointing and filling joints (gypsum board)

Interior Systems Installer

Installation of gypsum board

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