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Part 9: Final Provisions

  • Issued: June 2006


If a provision of this agreement conflicts with a provision in the Agreement on Internal Trade that concerns labour mobility, the provision that ensures the greater mobility of Ontario and Quebec construction workers and contractors prevails.


This agreement will come into force upon repeal of the Fairness is a Two-Way Street Act (Construction Labour Mobility), 1999.


On the day this agreement comes into force, Quebec will withdraw its two complaints filed on April 30, 1999, under the Agreement on Internal Trade and under the Agreement on the Opening of Public Procurement for Québec and Ontario.


Exemptions and certificates issued under previous agreements will continue to be recognized until they expire. 


Ontario and Quebec agree that they may, by mutual consent, change the terms of this agreement, in writing, at any time.


Ontario and Quebec agree that either one may terminate the agreement on six months’ written notice to the other party.

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