Ontario-Quebec Construction Mobility

Ontario-Quebec Construction Mobility is a commitment by the governments of Ontario and Quebec to ensure fairness in the construction labour markets in both provinces.

Jobs Protection Office

Since 1999 the Jobs Protection Office (JPO) has been responsible for implementing the commitments that affect construction sector mobility between Ontario and Quebec.

The Ministry of Labour's mandate is to advance safe, fair and harmonious workplace practices that are essential to the social and economic well-being of the people of Ontario. Among its responsibilities are safeguarding the health and safety of workers as well as addressing long-standing mobility issues in the construction sector.

To do this, the JPO currently administers and monitors the Agreement on Labour Mobility and Recognition of Qualifications, Skills and Work Experience in the Construction Industry (2006) Between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec. The goal is to ease access for Ontario contractors and workers to the Quebec construction sector while at the same time ensure Quebec contractors and workers working in Ontario comply with Ontario construction sector requirements.

The JPO eases access to the Quebec construction sector for Ontario contractors and workers by:

  1. helping Ontario contractors understand and obtain the required Quebec contractor licensing to work in Quebec;
  2. helping Ontario workers understand and get recognition for their Ontario trade certification, skills, qualifications or work experience in order to work in Quebec;
  3. issuing Trade Cards or Specialized Work Cards to Ontario workers who meet the access requirements;
  4. taking part in the Bilateral Coordinating Committee as Ontario’s member responsible for resolving issues, complaints and addressing other measures of access to improve opportunities for work;
  5. dealing with all harassment issues Ontario contractors and workers may encounter while working in Quebec;
  6. ensuring greater access to contracts and jobs, including access to Quebec Crown Corporations and Hydro Quebec construction contracts.

The JPO ensures Quebec construction contractors and workers comply with Ontario construction sector requirements. It works with ministries and organizations to develop tracking, reporting, timely information-sharing and consistent implementation of mobility decisions that affect construction sector mobility between Ontario and Quebec.

Contact Information

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