Note: This document does not constitute legal advice. To determine your rights and obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA or the Act) and its regulations, please contact your legal counsel or refer to the legislation.

This workbook explains your rights and responsibilities on the job and tells you what Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) expects from your employer, your supervisor and you. These are things you need to know and understand so that you can be safe at work today and every day.

Everyone in the workplace, from the employer to the newest worker, has different but important duties to keep the workplace safe. Because employers have the most authority in the workplace, they have the greatest responsibility but it’s important for your own safety that you understand everyone’s health and safety duties, including yours.

Preventing injuries and illnesses at work - starts here, with the things you learn in this workbook, but it doesn’t end here. One of your employer’s duties under the OHSA is to give you specific information and instructions about how to stay safe on your job. What you learn from this program will help you start to understand those instructions. We hope you will use what you learn here every day of your working life.

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