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Appendix B: Glossary of Terms – Working at Heights Standards

  • Issued: December 9, 2014
  • Content last reviewed: December 2014
Fall Arrest System
An assembly of components joined together so that when the assembly is connected to a fixed support, it is capable of arresting a worker’s fall.
Fall Restricting System
A type of fall arrest system that has been designed to limit a worker’s fall to a specified distance.
Fixed Support
A permanent or temporary structure or a component of such a structure that can withstand all loads and forces the structure or component is intended to support or resist and is sufficient to protect a worker’s health and safety, and includes equipment or devices that are securely fastened to the structure or component.
Full Body Harness
A device that can arrest an accidental vertical or near vertical fall of a worker and which can guide and distribute the impact forces of the fall by means of leg and shoulder strap supports and an upper dorsal suspension assembly which, after the arrest, will not by itself permit the release or further lowering of the worker.
Guardrail System
An assembly of components joined together to provide a barrier to prevent a worker from falling from the edge of a surface.
Safety Belt
A belt worn around the waist of a worker and all the fittings for the belt appropriate for the use being made of it.
Safety Factor
The ratio of the failure load to the specified load or rated load.
Safety Net
A safety net that complies with section 26.8 of Ontario Regulation 213/91, and is located and supported in such a way that it arrests the fall of a worker who may fall into it without endangering the worker.
Travel Restraint System
An assembly of components capable of restricting a worker’s movement on a work surface and preventing the worker from reaching a location from which he or she could fall.
Work Belt
A belt that has a back support pad and a connecting hook at the front and that is capable of supporting a worker.


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