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2. Purpose of the Guideline: Guidelines for Multi-Point Suspended Scaffolds (MPSS)

  • ISBN: 0-7794-9927-1
  • Issued: April 2006
  • Content last reviewed: June 2009

These guidelines are being updated to reflect amendments to O. Reg. 213/91 (Construction Projects) that came into force on January 1, 2017.

The purpose of this guideline is to clarify the requirements for multi-point suspended scaffolds (MPSSs) in sections 142.1 to 142.8 of the Regulations for Construction Projects.

The guideline highlights the major components of an MPSS, design methods, design loads, load factors and safety factors to be considered in the design, system redundancy, design drawings and what they should include. To assist in understanding the requirements made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, this guideline explains the sections of the regulations for MPSS that deal with the responsibilities of the professional engineer and responsibilities of the constructor, employer, supervisor and worker.

In designing an MPSS, a professional engineer must ensure that the minimum design criteria set out in the Regulations are met when following other applicable codes and standards.

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