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Map 5 Ottawa Valley Surveillance Area

  • Issued: July 17, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: September 2014
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This map shows the surveillance area for Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories. The monitoring sites include: air particulate and drinking water.

Map Area

The Ottawa River is shown in the central portion of the map and extends from Point Alexander/Deep River in the north to Pembroke in the south. Westmeath is the only marked point in the southeastern part of the map (the northeastern part of the map is in Quebec). The western boundary extends into Nipissing County.

Map Detail

The chart below indicates the distances of the monitoring sites and other key marked points from the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories

Map Detail : Monitoring Stations and Key Marked Points and Distance from the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories
Name/Location Air
Drinking Water Distance from
Chalk River
Nuclear Laboratories
Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories     0
Deep River WTP Yes Yes 11
Pembroke WTP   Yes 31
Petawawa WTP Yes Yes 15


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