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2. Reactor Surveillance Program

  • Issued: July 2013
  • Content last reviewed: July 2013

2.1  Purpose

The purpose of the Ontario Reactor Surveillance Program (ORSP) is to assure the public living and working in the vicinity of nuclear installations in Ontario that their health, safety, welfare and property is not affected by emissions from nuclear facilities.

2.2  Objective

A key responsibility of the Ministry of Labour, as set out in the PNERP is to monitor radioactivity in the environment around all nuclear installations in Ontario and to notify Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) of any abnormal (above ambient background) results.[R-1]

This responsibility has led to the creation of the Ontario Reactor Surveillance Program whose objective is to establish, operate and maintain a radiological surveillance network to assess air and water concentrations in the Ontario portions of secondary zones around designated nuclear installations.

2.3  Annual Report and Data Integration

The RPMS generates an Annual Report to the Assurance Monitoring Group (AMG), an interministry group organized by Emergency Management Ontario that is responsible for ingestion control measures. This Report includes a brief description of the monitoring programs, summary statistics and concluding discussion. This report is distributed to specific stakeholders, and is available to the public on the Ministry of Labour's website.

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