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Map 2 Bruce Surveillance Area

  • Issued: July 17, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: July 2013
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This map shows the location of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. The monitoring sites include: air particulate, tritium-in-air, drinking water monitoring, recreational surface water, and precipitation.

Map Area

The shore of Lake Huron forms the western boundary extending from Chippawa Hill to Kincardine (north to south). The northern boundary stretches from Chippawa Hill east to Rockford. Highway 6 forms the eastern boundary. The southern boundary is formed by Hanover and Kincardine.

Map Detail

The chart below indicates the distances of the monitoring sites and other key marked points from the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

Map Detail : Monitoring Stations and Key Marked Points and Distance from Bruce Nuclear Generating Station
Name/Location Air
Tritium-in-Air Drinking Water Precipitation Recreational Surface Water

Distance from
Bruce NGS

Bruce Nuclear Generating Station           0
Kincardine WTP     Yes Yes   18
Southampton     Yes     24
Bruce Power GS Visitor's Centre Yes Yes       4
Tiverton PS Yes Yes       8
Scott Point PS Yes Yes     Yes 3
Port Elgin Beach         Yes 17
Inverhuron Beach         Yes 5

Note: 6 farms in the Bruce Surveillance Area are Food - Milk Monitoring Sites


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