Procedure for a Work Refusal

First Stage

Worker considers work unsafe.
Worker reports refusal to his/her supervisor or employer.
Worker may also wish to advise the worker safety representative and/or management representative.
Stays in safe place.
Employer or supervisor investigates in the presence of the worker and the worker safety representative.
Issue Resolved
Worker goes back to work.
Issue Not Resolved
[proceed to the second stage]

Second Stage

With reasonable grounds to believe work is still unsafe, worker continues to refuse and remains in safe place.
Worker or employer or someone representing worker or employer calls the Ministry of Labour.
Ministry of Labour Inspector investigates in consultation with the worker, safety representative and supervisor or management representative.*
Inspector gives decision to worker, management representative/supervisor and safety representative in writing.
Changes are made if required or ordered.
Worker returns to work.

*Pending the Ministry of Labour investigation: