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Level 4 and 5: Recommendation to the CPO and CPO Approval

  • Issued: December 8, 2014
  • Content last reviewed: December 2014

If the recommendation report is CPO-approved, the ministry will:

  • Provide the applicant with a letter confirming the CPO’s approval of the training provider to deliver an approved training program (“Approval Letter”);
  • List the approved training provider and the approved training program on the ministry of Labour’s website;
  • Provide an approved training provider ID number and an approved training program ID number that must be placed on all learner records and other relevant information submitted to the ministry; and
  • Maintain a copy of the original training provider application in the format it was approved, for quality assurance purposes.

The approved training provider will:

  • Comply with and continue to meet all of the requirements of an approved training provider as set out in the working at heights training standards;
  • Provide the ministry with learner records, annual reports and other relevant information in the format and within the timelines required by the CPO; and
  • Be subject to random quality assurance processes as consistent with the working at heights training standards and the ministry’s ongoing quality assurance process.

If the CPO does not approve the training provider application, the ministry will notify the applicant in writing:

  • Of the list of deficiencies;
  • That the training provider application has been rejected.

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