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Appendix D – James Ham’s IRS “Table 51”

  • Content last reviewed: April 2015

Internal responsibility-system for the performance of work

Table 51 was used by James Ham to detail the work activities for which each of the workplace parties and their responsibility for ensuring the effective performance of work. Ham stated that knowing the responsibilities for each task would allow the workplace party to not only fulfill their responsibilities but to identify when workplace conditions were different than the normative state.

James Ham's IRS "Table 51" (by occupation level)
SuperintendentManagerPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Nature of workProcess materialAssign tasksSchedule workInterpret objectives
Plan operations
Determine objectivesEstablish purposes
Responsibility for peopleDirect helpersInstruct and develop workmenDevelop supervisors
Allocate workforce
Select and develop supervisors
Provide workforce
Select and develop staffSelect manager
Responsibility for work performanceUse knowledge and skill
Exercise initiative
Direct work performance within clearly defined job specificationsSpecify duties and responsibilities
Define authority
Assign duties and responsibilities
Delegate authority
Determine functions
Delineate spheres of responsibility
Delegate authority
Delegate operating authority
Responsibility for direction of workCarry out work in a manner consistent with approved practices and proceduresCarry out duties in a manner consistent with policies and procedures and philosophy of enterpriseCarry out duties in a manner consistent with policies and procedure and philosophy of enterpriseInterpret policies and procedures in light of business philosophy in administration of business activitiesEstablish businesses philosophy
Develop operating policies
Standardize administrative procedures
Determine business philosophy and procedures
Responsibility for relations with peopleWork co-operatively with othersCo-ordinate performance of tasksCo-ordinate work programmeCo-ordinate supporting servicesConduct the operation of the enterprise in a manner compatible with legislated requirements and social trendsDetermine policies to make the purposes of the enterprise compatible with legislated requirement and social trends
Responsibility for facilities and equipmentUse facilities, equipment, machine and toolsProvide adequate tools and equipmentProvide adequate services and machinesMake provision for necessary facilities, machines and equipmentObtain capital goodsAuthorize capital expenditure
Responsibility for conditions of workMaintain standardized conditionImplement standardized conditionProvide facilities for standardized conditionsSet standards of work performance and working conditionsDetermine standards of work performance and working conditionsDetermine policies for the operation of enterprise
Responsibility for accountingInspect facilities of workplace, machines, and working conditions
Inspect work and report on task accomplishment or reason for not doing so
Report on condition of machines, workplace and work environment
Report on work progress and workplace requirements
Report anomalous conditions
Report on workforce, workload, and anomalous conditions, and facility requirementsReport on department activity and anomalous conditionsDevelop effective audit system
Account for the state of enterprise in terms of business viability and security of employment
Account to owners on state and progress of enterprise and to public on discharge of responsibility of trusteeship

[ 18 ] The term originally used in the Ham Report was "workman.”

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