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Section A: Training Provider

  • Issued: October 2015
  • Content last reviewed: October 2015

Applicant Information

This section requires you to provide contact information along with your current approval status from the Ministry of Labour (if applicable).

In Section 3, if you have been approved previously by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) as a training provider (i.e., Working at Heights, Joint Health and Safety Certification Training established in October 2015) and there were no changes to the training provider requirements, you will be able to reference your Training Provider ID number and bypass parts of this section of the application.


Attestations are used as confirmation, evidence and verification of compliance and adherence to the Training Provider Standard. These statements made by the applicant confirm compliance, and that the ministry can investigate at its discretion.

Attestations within the application are separated into the Training Provider Standard and the Training Program Standard. Under the Training Program Standard, applicants must respond by selecting Yes or No based on the JHSC certification training program that is being submitted as part of the application.

Failure to provide a response will result in an incomplete application form, which cannot be accepted and which will delay the approval process.

Training Provider Materials

For this section of the application, training providers must submit the following documents:

  1. A Proof of Training Completion Document (as a sample), which must include:
    • Learner’s name
    • Name of the approved training program under the training program standard
    • Name of approved training evaluator and instructor
    • Program identification number
    • Program delivery date and date of successful completion
    • Statement that the learner has successfully achieved the learning outcomes of the approved training program
    • Name of approved training provider
    • Other information as required by the training program standard

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