• Issued: October 2015
  • Content last reviewed: October 2015

The JHSC Certification Training Provider Application and Application Guidelines are designed for training providers who wish to develop and/or deliver a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO)-approved JHSC certification training program. These documents should be read together because they describe the assessment processes and documentation that must be submitted to the ministry. The following should be noted:

  1. All applicants must submit a complete training provider application in order to be considered for CPO approval. A complete application must include the related training program.
  2. The ministry will only consider a training program for approval if it is submitted with an application for training provider approval;
  3. The ministry will apply the criteria contained in the following documents when considering a training provider application for approval:
  4. The ministry will not issue conditional approvals; and
  5. The ministry will notify applicants of their status by email or mail.
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