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Appendix B: eLearning Design Document

  • Issued: October 2015
  • Content last reviewed: October 2015

This document guides the development of a thorough description of the learning objectives and content outline.

  1. General e-course description
    • Course Title
    • Course Description
    • Training Format: eLearning
    • Authoring Tool (e.g. Adobe Captivate)
    • Accessibility Compliance (e.g. based on AODA compliance)
    • Narration (e.g. type of voice)
    • Navigation and screen features (e.g. how learners move through the course)
    • Content
    • Style, Language and Tone (is the course casual or formal)
    • Sample Layouts
    • Resources (within the program for the learner to reference)
  2. Detailed Design Information
    • Screen Number (e.g. #1)
    • Objective/Number Module (e.g. Welcome to XX course)
    • Topic: Landing Screen
    • Screen Description (purpose of the screen e.g. This screen will be static launch screen)
    • Suggested Content (what is on each screen e.g. Course name, provider details and a lunch button)

Note: filling in the information set out in this template does not guarantee that the application will be complete or accepted.