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5. Evaluator Standard

Training providers must ensure their evaluators meet the criteria set out in this Standard. An instructor may also be the evaluator.

Training providers must ensure that the evaluator:

  1. has knowledge of the:
    1. Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations
    2. Rights, duties, responsibilities and functions of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and its members
    3. Hazard recognition, assessment, control and evaluation (RACE methodology)
  2. works under the direction of the training provider and is either the instructor or a subject matter expert;
  3. uses evaluation methods that are appropriate to learners' language, literacy and accommodation needs;
  4. assesses achievement of an approved training program’s learning outcomes in accordance with the Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Program Standard;
  5. reviews incorrect answers or practices with the learners;
  6. does not tell, prompt, hint, or help learners except for reasons of accommodation (such assistance must be directly requested by the learner); and
  7. upholds the integrity of the learning evaluation process.

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