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6. Code of Ethics

Training providers must adhere to high ethical standards of practice when providing approved training programs.

Training providers must, in carrying out their business, strive for a high level of professional and ethical conduct at all times. In particular, they must:

  1. comply with all relevant provincial workplace legislation;
  2. maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, and trust;
  3. ensure information is accurately represented, interpreted and communicated without bias;
  4. respect the confidentiality of personal information;
  5. treat learners fairly and without bias;
  6. demonstrate compliant occupational health and safety practices within their own business operations;
  7. adhere to occupational health and safety principles and contribute to a positive occupational health and safety culture; and
  8. avoid real or perceived conflict of interest, including:
    1. accepting a financial or non-financial advantage or award with respect to the training provider’s duties over and above regular compensation for work done;
    2. giving preferential treatment to individual learners;
    3. engaging in outside activities that conflict with their training provider duties; or
    4. other actions or activities that create a real or perceived conflict of interest.

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