The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training Program Standard includes criteria for what should be included in Part One training, Part Two training, and Refresher training.

3.1 Part One Training

Part One training is generic to all workplaces that require both employer and worker certified members, regardless of workplace sector. Topics include:

  • Occupational health and safety law;
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of the workplace parties;
  • Hazard recognition, assessment and control and evaluation of hazard controls;
  • Joint health and safety committees;
  • Duties and responsibilities of JHSC members and certified members; and
  • Health and safety resources.

3.2 Part Two Training

Part Two training focuses on:

  • The concepts of hazard recognition, assessment, and control, and evaluation of hazard controls
  • Participants will learn how to apply these concepts to a minimum of six (6) hazards relevant to their own workplaces. The learner will practice drafting action plans and recommendations for the employer through an activity.

The employer should conduct a workplace hazard assessment to select the most relevant Part Two training for members of the JHSC to become certified. Employers should conduct this assessment in consultation with their JHSC. For assistance in selecting relevant hazards for Part Two training, please refer to the JHSC Certification Employer Guidance material published by the MOL.

3.3 Refresher Training

Refresher training includes:

  1. Review of key concepts from Part One and Part Two training;
  2. Relevant updates to legislation, standards, codes of practice, and occupational health and safety best practices; and
  3. Opportunity for certified members to share and discuss best practices and challenges.

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