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1. Introduction

Certification of Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members is required under section 9 of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

The JHSC Certification Training Program Standard specifies the criteria that a program must meet in order to be approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO).

The internal responsibility system (IRS), the foundation of Ontario’s approach to workplace health and safety, is built on the principle that workplace parties share responsibility for occupational health and safety according to their ability to influence it. Employers and workers work together to recognize and control hazards within workplaces to achieve optimum health and safety performance.

Upon successful completion of an approved program, certified members should have the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their legislated duties as JHSC certified members and should be able to support the workplace parties in understanding their roles as part of the IRS in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses. Certification training differs from the job-specific occupational health and safety training that employers are required to provide to workers under the OHSA and its regulations.

A program submitted for approval by the CPO can include: Part One, Part Two, and/or Refresher training program or any combination of the three. Similarly, a training provider may be approved by the CPO to deliver Part One training, Part Two training, Refresher training, or any combination of the three. This Program Standard allows for a variety of program and delivery options to meet the CPO-established training and other requirements a committee member must fulfil to become certified.

1.1 Application

At workplaces where a JHSC is required under the OHSA, the OHSA also requires that, unless otherwise prescribed, at least one JHSC member representing the employer and one member representing workers must be certified by the CPO. The Ministry of Labour recognizes these certified members require special training to effectively carry out their functions and to support workplace parties in understanding their role in preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

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