The training program must be designed to ensure that the learners meet the learning outcomes set out in this standard for Part One, Part Two or Refresher training.

The training program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with adult learning principles:
    1. Ensure learners know why they need to learn specific content, its relevance to them and their workplace;
    2. Relate learning to learners’ own experience in situations that simulate actual application in the workplace;
    3. Challenge learners using a variety of activities that allow opportunity for participation, feedback and interaction;
    4. Recognize limits of attention span and various ways that adults learn; and
    5. Use realistic activities and tools to support transfer of learning to the workplace.
  2. Literacy level is appropriate for the learners;
  3. Content is accurate, current and all legal and technical information is referenced and verified;
  4. Use of a variety of teaching aids such as audio-visuals, equipment, safety devices and measuring/monitoring equipment;
  5. Learner materials follow principles of instructional writing and good graphic design; and
  6. Programs include a high degree of interaction between the learners and instructors and must ensure active participation in the training through activities such as case studies, role play, group work, assignments, discussion groups (including electronic formats) and presentations.

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