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What are the topics covered in each Part of the JHSC Training Program?

Part One Training

  • Topics include:
    • An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) as it pertains to the Joint Health and Safety Committee and members in accordance with Section 9(12) of the OHSA;
    • Rights, duties and responsibilities of the workplace parties;
    • Introduction of the concepts of hazard recognition, assessment and control of hazards, and evaluation of hazard controls (RACE); and
    • Health and Safety resources.
  • Minimum duration of 19.5 hours or three days
  • eLearning for up to 6.5 hours or one day permitted

Part Two Training:

  • Topics include the application of RACE methodology to potential workplace hazards
  • Training must include minimum of six hazards that are relevant to the members’ workplace Minimum duration of 13 hours or two days

Refresher Training:

  • Topics include:
    • A review of concepts from Part One and Part Two JHSC Certification Training; and
    • A review of changes or updates to relevant legislation as well as JHSC best practices and challenges
  • Minimum duration of 6.5 hours or one day
  • Must be taken every three years to maintain certification or be granted a one-time exemption from the MOL
  • Failure to complete Refresher training within the relevant timeframes will result in the member no longer being certified

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