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How do I select hazards for my Part Two Training?

The Ministry of Labour recommends that employers, in consultation with their Joint Health and Safety Committee members, complete a workplace hazard assessment to assist them in selecting relevant hazards for JHSC Part Two Certification Training. See below for the key elements of a workplace hazard assessment.

Step 1: Identify and list workplace hazards

  • A hazard is a condition, practise or substance with the potential for causing loss, injury or harm to life, health or property
  • To identify hazards in the workplace:
    • Conduct a workplace inspection
    • Look for the contributing factors to hazards (for example people, equipment, materials, environment, process)
    • Review workplace information such as worker comments and concerns, workplace inspection reports, incident reports, etc.
    • Observe people working to observe for potential hazards, e.g. observe workers performing tasks that could lead to musculoskeletal disorders
    • List all hazards identified

Step 2: Prioritize Hazards

  • For each hazard on your list, you should assess whether it is likely to harm workers and if it did harm workers, how serious the injury would be
  • Key questions to ask when prioritizing hazards:
    • What is the frequency that workers are exposed to the hazards?
    • What is the probability of encountering the hazard? What is the severity of the hazard?
  • Hazards that have both a high frequency and a high severity should be classified as high priority hazards. Similarly, hazards that have both a low frequency and a low severity should be classified as a low priority hazards.

The ministry also recommends using a workplace hazard management tool such as those available through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB):

  1. Hazard Management Tool (PDF)
  2. Recognizing Hazards in Your Workplace (PDF)

In addition to conducting a workplace hazard assessment, employers may wish to consult the Ministry of Labour Sector Plans and Sector Trends documents to assist them in determining the hazard areas to address in Part Two Training Certification.

Sector Plans

As part of Safe At Work Ontario, the Ministry of Labour develops annual enforcement plans that focus on hazards and occupational health and safety issues specific to workplaces in different sectors. The plans describe the enforcement plans for the specialized and professional services office of the ministry, as well as plans for the industrial, health care, construction and mining sectors. The plans explain what inspectors will focus on in each sector during an inspection.

Sector Trends

The Ministry of Labour developed the Sector Trends document to provide an overview of the number of critical injuries and fatalities reported to the ministry for each sector in Ontario. Also included are the number of work refusals and complaints reported to the Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Contact Centre and the number of field visits and orders issued by Ministry of Labour inspectors for each sector.