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Who can deliver JHSC Certification training?

After March 1, 2016, only a CPO-approved training provider with a CPO-approved JHSC Certification Training Program can deliver JHSC Certification training. Any person, including employers, training providers or other organizations can apply to the Ministry of Labour to be CPO-approved to deliver either Part One, Part Two or Refresher Certification Training or any combination of these training programs.

Please note that all persons interested in delivering JHSC Certification training under the new standards will be required to apply to the CPO for both program and provider approval including those previously approved under the 1996 Standards. The ministry will begin accepting applications from providers on October 1, 2015.

The names of training providers who receive CPO approval under the new JHSC Certification Training Standards will be posted on the ministry’s website. If you would like to apply to have your JHSC program approved by the CPO you can download the application.

Applicants must meet the criteria outlined in both the JHSC Training Program and Provider Standards – e.g. learning outcomes, duration, mode of instruction, PPE, instructor and evaluator qualifications etc.. We recommend that you also refer to the Training Provider Guidelines to assist you in completing the application process.

After March 1, 2016, when the new standards come into effect, approvals under the 1996 JHSC Certification Training Standard will not be recognized and training completed with those providers will not be recognized for certification.

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