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Front-Loading and Compacting Equipment

  • ISBN: 978-1-4249-6190-0
  • Issued: May 2004
  • Content last reviewed: June 2009

Worker access onto front-loading equipment while trucks are out on the road collecting waste containers (as opposed to being serviced in the shop), should only be permitted for emergency, maintenance, service and repair work (not for operational purposes) with appropriate safety measures in place to protect the worker(s). See requirements outlined in multi-compartment recycling vehicle section b) of this guideline.

Figure 10 - Front-loading compacting equipment (loading forks retracted)

Figure 10: Front-loading compacting vehicle (loading forks retracted)

Figure 11 - Front-loading compacting equipment (loading forks extended)

Figure 11: Front-loading compacting vehicle (loading forks extended)

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