• ISBN: 978-1-4249-6190-0
  • Issued: May 2004
  • Content last reviewed: March 2011


This guideline was developed to primarily deal with point-of-operation guarding but also addresses lock-out, blocking and fall arresting systems. There are many other hazards that must be considered in order to ensure worker health and safety while operating mobile compacting equipment. Some of the other important issues (not covered in this guideline) include:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hygiene issues
  • Ergonomics
  • Traffic control
  • Reflective vests

Requirements as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the Act) and regulations will be referenced where appropriate.

This guideline is intended to provide general assistance where potential hazards are encountered. It is not intended to provide an all-inclusive list of hazards and controls. The Act and regulations should be consulted for the proper application of the law. Inspectors appointed under the Act have the discretion to enforce the Act and regulations and may refer to this guideline for assistance.

For further information on the Act or regulations, you should call the Ministry of Labour Health & Safety Contact Centre. An occupational health and safety inspector or other person will provide additional guidance as required.


The Ministry of Labour wishes to thank the employer and worker members of the task force, which developed this guideline. Their contributions and co-operation resulted in a product that will improve worker health and safety when operating mobile compacting equipment.


Some of the task force members included the Ontario distributor of mobile compacting equipment and representatives from large municipalities. The organizations represented included the following:

  • Municipal Engineers Association (MEA)
  • Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA)
  • Municipal Waste Integration Network (MWIN)
  • Municipal Health and Safety Association of Ontario (MHSAO)
  • Ontario Municipal Health and Safety Representatives Association (OMHSRA)
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

The Ontario Ministry of Labour was represented by Walter Schilke (Regional Engineer) and Don Brown (Provincial Specialist).

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