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Statement from the Chief Prevention Officer on Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

  • Issued: March 15, 2017
  • Content last reviewed: March 2017

As farms across Ontario gear up for planting season, we are reminded of the importance of businesses and their workers that not only feed our families, but the local economy.

As we mark Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, we are reminded that we must do our utmost to ensure that their work is as safe as possible and that they are protected from harm. We all have a responsibility to do everything within our power to ensure that workers return home safe at the end of every work day.

And that means making sure that equipment is in good working order, and conditions for workers are healthy and safe. It’s also important that everyone receives training to be aware of dangers and to be able to work safely.

For our part, the Ministry of Labour is helping to ensure that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities at the workplace. We’ve brought in mandatory basic occupational health and safety awareness training in Ontario to protect workers. The ministry has conducted regional initiatives to raise safety awareness in the farming community.

Ontario also recently signed an information-sharing agreement with the federal government that will help protect temporary foreign workers, many of whom work in agriculture. These initiatives are among the many that the ministry has introduced to help strengthen workplace health and safety.

Families across the province want their loved ones to come home safe and sound after a hard day’s work. They deserve no less.

As campaign organizers have said, the focus may last for a week, but farm safety is important all year long. And so this spring, let’s all work together to renew our commitment to a future free of needless injuries and fatalities.

George Gritziotis
Chief Prevention Officer