• Issued: December 16, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: December 2013

Our vision: All Ontario workplaces are healthy and safe. We want to ensure that all 1 workplaces in Ontario provide a secure environment from which workers return home healthy, safe and sound, every day.

Workplace health and safety affects the wellbeing, success and prosperity of individuals, families, businesses, communities and our province.

The purpose of this strategy is to guide the occupational health and safety system partners – including the Ministry of Labour, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and Ontario’s six Health and Safety Associations – and describe how we can achieve our vision. The strategy also aims to guide workplaces across the province, the broader community of health and safety practitioners, and organizations with interests in occupational health and safety. Healthy and Safe Ontario Workplaces sets out a roadmap that organizations can use to align their policies, programs and initiatives with our collective strategic priorities.

The ministry has gone to great lengths to develop a strategy that will have a significant positive impact on occupational health and safety across Ontario, including consulting extensively with the public and our stakeholders about what matters most to them. Hundreds of voices participated in this process. We heard from more than 1,250 consultation participants and received 220 responses to the consultation paper released on March 18, 2013. The strategy was guided by input from the 11-member Prevention Council. The council provided thoughtful advice to help create a strategy that represents Ontario’s health and safety needs. The input from all our stakeholders is reflected throughout the strategy, providing insight on our vision, how we can achieve the vision and why it is important for us to act now.

An 11-member Prevention Council advises the Chief Prevention Officer

Labour representatives:

  • Patrick Dillon, Provincial Building and Construction Trades of Ontario
  • Colin Grieve, Hamilton and Ontario Professional Firefighters
  • Nancy Hutchison, Ontario Federation of Labour
  • Bryan Neath, Ontario Food and Commercial Workers Canada

Occupational health and safety representative:

  • Graeme Norval, University of Toronto

Employer representatives:

  • Michael Oxley, DuPont Canada
  • Roy Slack, Cementation Canada
  • Dawn Tattle, Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.

Non-union worker representative:

  • Linda Vannucci, Toronto Workers’ Health and Safety Clinic

WSIB representative:

  • Susanna Zagar, WSIB

One employer representative position was recently vacated. The process for filling the position is under way.

[ 1 ] “All workplaces” refers to those under provincial jurisdiction; this does not include: work done by the owner or occupant or a servant in a private residence or on the connected land; or workplaces under federal jurisdiction.

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