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Text Description of Integration Diagram

  • Issued: December 16, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: December 2013

The Ministry of Labour calls on all workplaces to recognize the importance of occupational health and safety and to act through their own programs, policies and initiatives to support the goals and priorities of the strategy.

At the top of the diagram our vision: healthy and safe Ontario workplaces.

At the base of the diagram are examples of groups and organizations that can develop operational plans aligned to the strategy’s priorities. These include the Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, health and safety associations, employers in all sectors, non-governmental organizations and government. We can make a bigger impact through joint effort.

Supported by the work of these partners are the six priorities of the integrated occupational health and safety strategy, divided into two goals:

  • Goal: target the areas of greatest need.
    Priorities: assist the most vulnerable workers, support OHS improvements in small business and address the highest hazards that result in occupational injuries, illnesses, or disease.
  • Goal: enhance service delivery.
    Priorities: build collaborative partnerships, integrate service delivery and system-wide planning and promote a culture of health and safety.

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