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Text Description of Strategy Influence Diagram

  • Issued: December 16, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: December 2013

This diagram represents how the strategy will guide implementation activities in Ontario. There are four levels through which the influence of the strategy cascades down to the workplace. Each level funnels into the level below it.

The first level is the Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy. The strategy is the guide for system occupational health and safety efforts. The strategy will create a cascading effect as it drives implementation beyond system partners to supporting organizations and workplaces.

The second level is the system partners. The system partners will lead implementation of priorities. They will align activities to strategic priorities and integrate services. Performance will be measured and reported publically.

The third level is supporting organizations. The supporting organizations will implement relevant priorities. The strategy will help increase understanding among supporting organizations of the benefits of shared action and how they can contribute to achieve better occupational health and safety outcomes.

Making up the last level are workplaces. By this level the strategy has cascaded through the organizations involved in occupational health and safety to benefit workplace parties. Workplaces benefit from improved support.

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