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Text Description of the Strategy Framework

  • Issued: December 16, 2013
  • Content last reviewed: December 2013

The strategy framework is designed to guide all parties who influence occupational health and safety in Ontario.

At the top of the framework is our vision: healthy and safe Ontario workplaces.

At the base of the framework is the foundation, which reads, “Occupational health and safety is in all workplaces (workers and employers).” This is because health and safety starts with all workplaces.

Above the base are seven approaches. These are the tools available to help the occupational health and safety system achieve its vision, goals and priorities.

The seven approaches are:

  • legislation and regulation
  • enforcement and monitoring
  • education and training
  • advisory services
  • programs and motivators
  • awareness and research
  • data management

Above the approaches are two goals, each containing three priorities:

Goal: target the areas of greatest need.

Priorities: assist the most vulnerable workers, support occupational health and safety improvements in small business, and address the highest hazards that result in occupational injuries, illnesses, or disease.

Goal: enhance service delivery.

Priorities: build collaborative partnerships, integrate service delivery and system-wide planning, and promote a culture of health and safety.

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