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Prevention Council Meeting: June 11, 2015

  • Content last reviewed: September 2016

Prevention council members present:

  • Colin Grieve, Hamilton Professional Firefighters Association Local 288 IAFF
  • Graeme Norval, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Mike Oxley, DuPont Canada Company
  • Roy Slack, Cementation Canada
  • Derek Johnstone, United Food and Commercial Workers Canada
  • Nancy Hutchison, Ontario Federation of Labour
  • Linda Vannucci, Health & Safety Legal Clinic
  • Dawn Tattle, Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.
  • Susanna Zagar, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board


  • George Gritziotis, Ministry of Labour
  • John Vander Doelen, Ministry of Labour
  • Richard Burton, Ministry of Labour
  • Ayumi Bailly, Ministry of Labour
  • Ana Matos-Clark, Ministry of Labour
  • Ameer Subhan, Ministry of Labour
  • Don Embuldeniya, Ministry of Labour
  • Rene Hepburn, Ministry of Labour
  • Jules-Arntz-Gray, Ministry of Labour
  • Paul Andre, Ministry of Labour
  • Lella Conte, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
  • Janet Murphy, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board


  • Patrick Dillon, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

1. Welcome

The chair welcomed members and opened the meeting.

2. April 16, 2015 Meeting Notes

Members approved the February 26, 2015 meeting notes.

3. By The Numbers WSIB Statistical Support

The Director of Analytics, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), provided an overview of the By The Numbers: WSIB Statistical Report and online tool. The Director highlighted new features of the latest version of the tool, the availability of the data to the public, and how to navigate the website.

A member noted that noise-induced hearing loss in construction could be an area for future consideration in the report. Members asked about abandoned and denied claims, and the WSIB Director explained that the By The Numbers: WSIB Statistical Reports do not include this information. The CPO requested that additional information on worker injuries be shared so that WSIB and MOL can work together to build a risk profile for workers.

Action Item: The WSIB to share additional worker injury information with Prevention Office during upcoming data meetings.

The Director of Analytics took the opportunity to clarify that data on new workers is not currently part of the By The Numbers tool. The Director also explained that information is available on the return to work timeline for injured workers; however, data is not available on length of employment after return.

4. Annual Report

The acting Director of the Strategy and Integration Branch outlined the development process for the second system-wide annual report, including overview of timelines, proposed content outline and key data, as well as next steps. Members were invited to provide feedback on the structure and process for this upcoming report. The CPO also noted that Market Metrics Project material would be included in the 2015 report.

5. Occupational Health and Safety Prevention and Innovation Program (OHSPIP) Initiatives and Health and Safety Association (HSA) Business Planning

A) 2016-17 OHSPIP: Proposed Program Modifications

The acting Director of the Strategy and Integration Branch provided an overview of the program, which was recently launched and concluded its first open call. Members took the opportunity to discuss the purpose of the program, as well as options for program enhancements and modifications, and expressed additional interest in the themes of the OHSPIP program. Council also engaged in a discussion on the implementation of the program and evaluation of applications. Members requested program results to be brought back at a future meeting for Council review. They clarified that program results would be brought back to Council for review.

Action Item: Prevention Office to provide Council with the top themes for the OHSPIP program.

Action Item: Prevention Office to bring forward as a future agenda item results of the OHSPIP for Council review.

B) Advisory Options for Prevention Initiatives

The acting Director of the Strategy and Integration Branch provided an overview of governance options for the OHSPIP advisory panel, and invited Members to explore the proposals and provide advice on next steps for the advisory panel. The CPO also clarified that the ministry will be accepting applications to serve on the advisory panel as well as nominations of potential candidates.

Action Item: Prevention Office to investigate a hybrid of term lengths in structuring the advisory group.

C) HSA Business Planning Process for 2016-17

The acting Director of the Strategy and Integration Branch provided a brief overview of HSA Business planning and upcoming phases. The acting Director also outlined proposed changes to the annual process, including strengthening support for ministry priorities.

6. Developments in Training and Safety Programs/Update on Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification

The Manager of the Health and Safety Program Administration and Certification Unit reviewed stakeholder feedback to date regarding the JHSC Certification Part 2 model and outlined the corresponding proposed implementation plan. The Manager also took the opportunity to review progress to date related to review and approval of Working at Heights (WAH) training programs and trainers and quality control protocols during the assessment stage.

Some Members recommended that field assessments be required for all employers to ensure the quality of training programs. Members also raised concerns about a single approach for assessing all employers. Discussion highlighted the success of programs, such as Common Core, and the need to avoid administrative burdens and using resources to target underperformers and high risk areas. In addition, a Member noted concerns around the JHSC Certification timelines and modifications to its administrative framework. The CPO noted that timeline and administration are under review to allow for the most strategic implementation.

Action Item: Prevention Office to bring forward at a future meeting a Council discussion on the JHSC Certification in advance of the next scheduled Council meeting in September 2015.

7. Occupational Health Clinics For Ontario Workers (OHCOW): Eastern Ontario Clinic Proposal

The CPO briefly highlighted a business case submitted by OHCOW to establish a new clinic in Eastern Ontario. Members briefly reviewed the proposal, including the sharing of administrative resources with an existing clinic and data demonstrating the need for a clinic in this area.