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Prevention Council Meeting: April 20, 2016

  • Content last reviewed: September 2016

Prevention council members present:

  • Graeme Norval, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Nancy Hutchison, United Steelworkers
  • Susanna Zagar, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
  • Dawn Tattle, Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.
  • Linda Vannucci, Health & Safety Legal Clinic
  • Camille Quenneville, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division
  • Derek Johnstone, United Food and Commercial Workers Canada
  • Patrick Dillon, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario


  • George Gritziotis, Ministry of Labour
  • Sophie Dennis, Ministry of Labour
  • John Vander Doelen, Ministry of Labour
  • Kathleen Therriault, Ministry of Labour
  • William Roy, Ministry of Labour
  • Jacques Marcil, Ministry of Labour
  • Mark Henick, Ministry of Labour


  • Mike Oxley, DuPont Canada Company

1. February 17, 2016 Meeting Notes

The Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) asked if there were any issues with the meeting notes from the February 17, 2016 meeting. No changes were requested and the meeting notes were accepted by Council.

2. Selection of Prevention Council Alternate Chair

Derek Johnstone was nominated as Alternate Chair and Members confirmed his appointment.

3. Mental Health in the Workplace

PC Member Camille Quenneville introduced Mark Henick, Program Manager for Mental Health Works (MHW). Mr. Henick provided an overview of the issue of mental health in the workplace, the extent of its occurrence and impact on individuals, co-workers, family members, and the employer. There was discussion about the $50 billion impact mental health issues have on the economy. Mark described the Mental Health Works (MHW) program of the Canadian Mental Health Association and provided the 2016 Product Suite Catalogue of the various program workshops that are available. PC members were in agreement on the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace and the MHW programs. There was support for the Prevention office and the HSAs to the raise the profile of mental health as a component of occupational health and safety.

4. Refresh of Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy (IOHSS)

Bill Roy, MOL, provided an overview of the plan for updating the IOHSS. Members took the opportunity to discuss the rationale for the update, new and emerging issues and priorities, and proposed areas of focus. Members agreed that Occupational Disease is an important area of focus and as well as specific issues such as asbestos in public buildings, noise induced hearing loss, effects of gender, exposure risks for women of child bearing age need to be considered. Members reaffirmed their support for mental health issues and noted that PTSD issues go beyond first responders. Mental health issues and suicide of injured workers was highlighted as a concern. Other issues that were raised by members included aluminum powder for miners, impact of medical marijuana and prescription drug use and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Action Item: Prevention Office will provide PC with the feedback received from targeted stakeholder consultations on the refreshed strategy and PC will have an opportunity to the review a draft of the refreshed strategy.

5. Research Updates

Bill Roy, MOL, provided an overview of the research funding programs: Research for the Workplace (R4W) and Evidence for Practice (E4P). Members expressed support for the projects and agreed that it is essential that the results of the projects are implemented in the workplace.

Members were also given background information on the Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Innovation Program (OHSPIP). Members discussed the importance of funding projects that are most strongly aligned with health and safety priorities (mental health, high hazards, youth/young workers).

Data Presentation

Jacques Marcil, MOL, provided an update on injuries and fatalities. Members also discussed a report provided by the Construction Section 21 Committee and requested similar reports be provided by other sectors.

Action Item: CPO to follow up with Operations Division on feasibility of reports from other sectors.