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Prevention Council Meeting: April 16, 2015

  • Issued: April 2015
  • Content last reviewed: June 2015

Prevention council members present:

  • Colin Grieve, Hamilton Professional Firefighters Association Local 288 IAFF
  • Graeme Norval, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Mike Oxley, DuPont Canada Company
  • Patrick Dillon, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario – via teleconference
  • Roy Slack, Cementation Canada
  • Derek Johnstone, United Food and Commercial Workers Canada
  • David Musyj, Windsor Regional Hospital
  • Nancy Hutchison, Ontario Federation of Labour
  • Linda Vannucci, Health & Safety Legal Clinic
  • Dawn Tattle, Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.
  • Susanna Zagar, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board


  • George Gritziotis, Ministry of Labour
  • John Vander Doelen, Ministry of Labour
  • Cordelia Clarke Julien, Ministry of Labour
  • Ayumi Bailly, Ministry of Labour
  • Ana Matos Clark, Ministry of Labour
  • Ameer Subhan, Ministry of Labour
  • Jules-Arntz-Gray, Ministry of Labour

1. Welcome

The chair welcomed members and opened the meeting.

2. February 26, 2015 Meeting Notes

Members approved the February 26, 2015 meeting notes.

3. Mining Health, Safety and Prevention Review

The Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) provided an overview of the process for the Mining Review. The Manager of the Review detailed the process for putting forward and arriving at each of the recommendations in the final report.

Members took the opportunity to examine the list of Mining Review recommendations. The Manager reviewed the list with Members and clarified that some recommendations are already in progress. Members noted that mandatory training is successful in reducing worksite incidents in the construction sector and wondered if there is a similar initiative in the mining industry. The Manager explained the mining sector’s Common Core program and its positive results. Members highlighted the importance of the recommendation that the ministry focus its grants and research on topics that address the priority hazards identified in the Mining Sector Risk Assessment, and commented that this is a good step forward for the grants program.

A member noted concern regarding enforcement related to fear of reprisals. The Manager confirmed that the recommendation to improve the MOL internal process will explore this issue.

The CPO clarified that health and safety information provided to the Coroner’s Office would be used objectively and explained the next steps for the Final Report.

4. Developments In Training and Safety Programs

The Director of the Training Standards and Programs Branch, MOL, offered an update regarding Working at Heights training requirements, the 2014 Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Training Standards as well as Entry-Level for Construction Training Standards. Member discussion focused on JHSC Training Standards. The Director reviewed the progress of work to date and outlined next steps for the standards.

The CPO relayed some stakeholder feedback and concerns regarding eLearning in the program standard, and the Director outlined how eLearning is addressed in the JHSC program standard. Members took time to consider and discuss the eLearning component of the standard. The CPO assured members that the ministry will continue to collect feedback about all aspects of learning as the standard proceeds. Some Members noted that a self-review process is a good method for continuous improvement and that labour and non-unionized workers would like the opportunity to contribute to such a review.

Action Item: Prevention Office to advise Council Members when announcement regarding sector hazards for JHSC part two certification will be made.

In addition, members noted that the incorporation of occupational health and safety awareness training in some of the post-secondary school programs offers good evidence of its broad applicability.

5. Written Information Updates

Members took the opportunity to discuss the Council’s statement on the upcoming Day of Mourning, and provided feedback and direction for this important public message.

Some members expressed interest in the progress on implementing the Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy. Current work and next steps regarding project plan components were outlined, along with an update on the Action Plans and strategic priorities.