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Part Two: Workplace-Specific Hazard Training

  • Content last reviewed: January 2016

The current JHSC Certification training standards are in effect until February 29, 2016. All documentation for training under the 1996 standards must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour by April 30, 2016.

To complete Part Two of Certification, both management and worker members must receive training in the significant hazards found in their workplaces.

Members can be trained through Health and Safety Ontario, the Workers Health and Safety Centre, other health and safety professionals, or through in-house training.

Members also have the option of attending a sector-based program that covers the hazards common to their industry sector and is endorsed by a Trade Association or bi-partite group. Health and Safety Ontario and the Workers Health and Safety Centre offer these sector-based programs.

With Part Two, employers have specific responsibilities. They must:

  • Conduct a workplace hazard assessment.
  • Determine significant hazards.
  • Determine training needs.
  • Ensure at least two members complete this workplace-specific training to be certified.
  • Report to the MOL the training needs identified by the hazard assessment and confirm that training is complete by submitting a completed Workplace-Specific Hazard Training Confirmation.

Certified members must:

  • Meet the goals of the Workplace-Specific Hazard Training.
  • Complete their training.
  • Co-sign the form with their employer confirming the training.

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