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Flooding Recovery Recommendations: Electrical Hazards

  • Content last reviewed: May 2013

Heavy rains and/or melting snow and ice often cause lowland flooding, affecting workplaces in lower levels of buildings, basements of workplaces and homes. It is vital to be aware of electrical equipment that could be energized and in contact with water, along with other potential serious electrocution hazards. Cleaning and using water-damaged appliances also carry safety risks.

Safety measures can include:

  • Never step into a flooded basement or other room if water may be in contact with electrical outlets, appliances or cords.
  • Never attempt to turn off power at the breaker box if you must stand in water to do so. If you can’t reach your breaker box safely, call your electric utility to shut off power at the meter.
  • Never use electric appliances or touch electric wires, switches or fuses when you’re wet or standing in water.

Additional information:

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