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Radiation Protection Service

The Radiation Protection Service consists of a Radiation Protection Field Service and the Radiation Protection Monitoring Service. This is Ontario’s primary source of expertise on all matters concerning exposure to radiation.

The Radiation Protection Field Service

  • Inspects, evaluates and enforces radiation control measures and safe practices in Ontario workplaces
  • Reviews and approves the registration of employers in possession of – and the installation of – x-ray sources (other than those used for human diagnosis or therapy, which are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)
  • Provides radiation safety services and advice to workplace parties, agencies and the public
  • Provides assistance and advice to other ministries and agencies on exposure of the public to radiation in the environment
  • Co-operates with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Labour Canada and Health Canada on investigations of radiation exposure in Ontario workplaces under federal jurisdiction
  • Is responsible for the interpretation of – and the application of – the Regulation Respecting X-ray Safety.

The Radiation Protection Monitoring Service

  • Establishes, maintains and operates an environmental radiological monitoring network to assess radiation exposure around designated nuclear installations, to provide measurement data, expertise and services to Emergency Management Ontario, the Ministry of the Environment, and other agencies to provide early warning of any potential radiation hazards that may affect workers and the public
  • Provides radio analytical and technical support to other provincial agencies involved in radiation surveillance programs and health studies related to the exposure of workers or the public to radiation.