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Industries and Jobs with Exemptions or Special Rules

  • Content last reviewed: February 2015
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Household, Landscaping and Residential Building Services
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Domestic Workers (Employed by the Householder)

This applies to employees who are employed by a householder to perform services in the household or to provide care, supervision or personal assistance to children or senior or disabled members of the household.

Note: This does not apply to a sitter who provides care, supervision or personal assistance to children on an occasional, short-term basis.

Homecare Employees Who Provide Homemaking or Personal Support Services This applies to employees
  • who perform homemaking or personal support services in a private residence for a member of the household; and
  • who are employed by someone other than the householder.
Landscape Gardeners Landscape gardeners modify or maintain land for a purpose that is largely aesthetic, rather than functional. This will generally include: landscape maintenance, such as raking, watering and weeding; planting, trimming, maintaining or moving plants or trees; preparing the ground for planting; lawn care; installing rock gardens, ponds and planters; park gardening; and golf course greens-keeping. It does not include people who build retaining walls for substantially structural purposes, install lighting systems or who are involved in weed spraying of roads and industrial sites.
Residential Building Superintendents, Janitors and Caretakers This applies to superintendents, janitors and caretakers of residential buildings who reside in the building.

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