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Employment Standards Laws Can Change

  • Issued: September 2010
  • Content last reviewed: January 2018

This workbook has been prepared to assist employers and employees in understanding some of their obligations and rights under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and its regulations. It does not take the place of the ESA and its regulations and it should not be considered to offer any legal advice on your particular situation.

Historically, employment standards laws have been frequently reviewed and updated to address changes in the Ontario workplace.

Information, resources and tools on these important changes can be found on our Employment Standards page. On this page, you will also find a number of interactive tools that address many topics in this Workbook.

For additional questions, please call our Employment Standards Information Centre at 1-800-531-5551. Information is available in multiple languages.

Understanding and following the Employment Standards Act (ESA) requires that those affected by changes make the time to read about them and ask questions if something is unclear. The employment standards resources available online are regularly updated to include new information as required.


This Workbook is provided for your information and convenience only. For information, call the Employment Standards Call Centre at 1-800-531-5551 or visit Employment Standards.

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