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Claim and Inspection Statistics

The Ministry of Labour enforces compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), Employment Protections for Foreign Nationals Act, 2009 (EPFNA) and their regulations through claim investigations, proactive inspections and, if necessary, prosecutions.

Claim Investigations

Investigations are initiated when a claim is filed against an employer, alleging a violation of the ESA.

Claims Investigated by Fiscal Year: 2015-2020
Fiscal Year (April 1 – March 31) Claims Investigated
2015/16 15,411
2016/17 15,498
2017/18 14,921
2018/19 22,434
2019/20 18,965

Top five violations found during claims investigations in 2019/20:

  1. Payment of Wages
  2. Termination Pay
  3. Vacation Pay/Vacation Time
  4. Public Holidays/Public Holiday Pay
  5. Overtime Pay

Proactive Inspections

The Ministry of Labour conducts proactive inspections of workplaces, focusing on high-risk sectors and repeat violators, to increase compliance with the ESA and the EPFNA. Proactive inspections are initiated by the ministry and do not require a claim to be filed against the employer.

The purpose of proactive inspections is to:

  • Enforce the ESA, the EPFNA and their regulations
  • Communicate the requirements and raise awareness and understanding of the ESA and the EPFNA
  • Promote self-reliance in the workplace.
Proactive Inspections by Fiscal Year: 2015-2020
Fiscal Year (April 1 – March 31) Proactive Inspections Completed
2015/16 3,580
2016/17 3,334
2017/18 3,507
2018/19 2,345
2019/20 2,490

Top five employment standards violations discovered during proactive inspections in 2019/20:

  1. Public Holidays/Public Holiday Pay
  2. Vacation Pay/Vacation Time
  3. Overtime Pay
  4. Payment of Wages
  5. Minimum Wage