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Research Projects Commissioned to Support the Changing Workplaces Review

Kevin Banks
Employment Standards Complaint Resolution, Compliance and Enforcement: A Review of the Literature on Access and Effectiveness.
Timothy J. Bartkiw
Collective Bargaining, Strikes and Lockouts under the Labour Relations Act, 1995.
Rafael Gomez
Employee Voice and Representation in the New World of Work: Issues and Options for Ontario.
Morley Gunderson
Changing Pressures Affecting the Workplace and Implications for Employment Standards and Labour Relations Legislation.
Morley Gunderson
Expected and Actual Impacts of Employment Standards.
Michael Lynk
A Review of the Employee Occupational Exclusions under the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1995.
Sara Slinn
Collective Bargaining.
Anil Verma
Labour Regulation and Jurisdictional Competitiveness, Investment, and Business Formation: A Review of the Mechanisms and Evidence.
Leah F. Vosko, Andrea M. Noack, and Mark P. Thomas
How Far Does the Employment Standards Act, 2000 Extend and What Are the Gaps in Coverage?
Leah F. Vosko, Andrea M. Noack, and Eric Tucker
Employment Standards Enforcement: A Scan of Employment Standards Complaints and Workplace Inspections and Their Resolution under the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

All research projects can be viewed on the University of Toronto’s Industrial Relations & HR Library website.