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May 2016 | Issue #72

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Gender Wage Gap Strategy Consultation

The gender wage gap strategy consultation let women and men across the province discuss how women – at work, at home and in their communities – are affected by the causes of the wage gap. A consultation summary is now available.

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Safe At Work Ontario Annual Report

Safe At Work Ontario is the ministry’s initiative to raise awareness about, and increase compliance with, Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations. The ministry has released its first Safe At Work Ontario Annual report to summarize the proactive activities conducted by its inspectors in 2014-2015.

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Consultation: Construction Hazard Awareness Training

The ministry is consulting on proposed changes that would, if approved, require employers to ensure that workers performing work to which the Construction Projects Regulation applies complete a construction hazard awareness training program. The ministry is also seeking feedback on draft construction health and safety awareness training program and provider standards.

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Employment Standards Resources In Multiple Languages

The ministry has produced several resources on employment standards rights and responsibilities in multiple languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai and Urdu. The new resources provides information on employment rights at work; hours of work and overtime pay; the Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act, 2009; and employment rights for temporary help assignment employees.

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Ministry Launches Collective Agreement e-Library

Looking for a collective agreement? The Ministry of Labour is making it easier to access its collection of public and private sector collective agreements in Ontario via a self-serve e-Library. This e-Library is part of Ontario’s Labour Relations Information Bureau, serving as an authoritative source during research, preparation and active bargaining conversations. Also reflects the ministry's Open Government commitment to make government open, transparent and accessible by improving access to data and information.

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Workplace Safety Blitz Targets Falls

Ontario is targeting hazards that can lead to falls during a safety blitz at workplaces across the province. From May 16 to July 15, 2016, ministry inspectors are checking that employers are properly assessing and addressing hazards that could cause workers to fall. They are visiting a variety of workplaces in the construction, industrial and mining sectors.

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Young And Temporary Foreign Workers Blitz

Ontario is helping to protect vulnerable workers with two employment standards blitzes this spring. From May 2 to June 30, 2016, the ministry’s employment standards officers are conducting simultaneous inspection blitzes focusing on workplaces in sectors known to employ young workers and those that employ temporary foreign workers.

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Blitz Results: Internships

From September 1 to December 31, 2015, ministry employment standards officers conducted a blitz focusing on interns at workplaces across the province, with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area. The goal of the blitz was to educate employers and promote compliance with the Employment Standards Act in sectors that often employ young workers who have an increased exposure to precarious working conditions.

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Blitz Results: Heavy Equipment At Construction Sites

Workers continue to be at risk when operating, maintaining and working around heavy equipment on construction sites. They can be injured or killed when struck by vehicles, equipment or loads. Last October and November, inspectors conducted an inspection blitz at construction sites across Ontario, focusing on the dangers of operating and working around such hazards.

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Blitz Results: Mining Modular Training

Work in underground and surface mines can be very dangerous. Workers can be injured or even killed if they are not properly trained for the work they perform. In October and November 2015, ministry inspectors visited underground and surface mines across Ontario. They checked that employers were complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, including training requirements under the Regulation for Mines and Mining Plants.

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Workplace Rights For Newcomers To Ontario

Do you know an internationally trained professional who has recently immigrated to Ontario or is planning to do so? Are you part of an organization that works with them? There are important workplace rights and responsibilities that they should know. Invite them to a live webinar on May 25 and June 22 about those rights and obligations hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Labour in collaboration with the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade.

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Winners Announced For “It’s Your Job” Video Contest

Students from Markham, Ottawa and Kingston have won a video contest on workplace health and safety, beating dozens of entries from across Ontario. The first-place winners from Ontario, who attend Markville Secondary School, also placed second nationally. Watch the videos, and share their inspiring messages with your workplaces or with young workers!

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Hazard Alert: Elevating Work Platform Crushing Hazard

Workers are at risk of being trapped or crushed while operating elevating work platforms. The ministry has investigated recent incidents involving the operator or other workers being trapped or crushed against fixtures or other obstacles.

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Hazard Alert: Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating Process

Thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA) is used to protect materials against corrosion. The process of applying TSA creates fine aluminum dust. Dust control measures must be implemented to minimize or eliminate the chance of an explosion, including the installation and maintenance of appropriate dust collection and ventilation systems.

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Collective Bargaining Highlights

The Collective Bargaining Highlights are monthly or quarterly reports that provide an overview of collective bargaining activity and major wage settlements in Ontario. The ministry has provided easy-to-read, summaries of the highlights for quick review. Full reports are available upon request.

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